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Gender: female
Hobby:collecting cute girls, new researches
Age:48yuri(yuri is a measurement of time in another dimension, 1 yuri equals 5 years earth time)
Ability: magic and science of night demensiona@
voice casting: narumi aisaka


There are many worlds exist outside the world known to our understanding, each world is occupied by intelligent lifeforms with minor differentation from human in earth.

Night dimensiona, one of the other world, is the homeland of various of demon races, and all these races are ruled by one Lilitu demon maiden - RIZ.

Apart from the strongest power she possesses, RIZ is also the most intelligent among dimensiona. Since the day RIZ born, she was destined to be the ruler or night dimensiona.

RIZ represents the only ture law and order in night dimensiona, law of jungle society.

She has finally became tired of her everyday routines, and started preparing her own adventure. It is rather easy for the best sorceress and scientist in this dimension to customize her own castle to a mobile fortress which warps through worlds of dimensions.

abandoing all her people and citizens, only taking few of her best lietenents,RIZ's adventure begins.

there is another tiny wish RIZ would like to fulfill in this journey, that is to find the most suitable bride.

Alas, the bride, RIZ sexually prefer female than male. she is bisexual, maybe a bit towards to homosexual.

considering it's the nature leave an heir, RIZ's situation is rare even in her race.

because of that, she put tremendous amount of effort created a new spell.

by making herself FUTANARI(an humanoid in between of male and female), so she could have an heir after finding a bride.

after a short stay in other worlds, RIZ is arriving earth now.

at the beginning, even for now, she has been mistaken for a sort of vampire because she does not afraid of sunlight, cross or some kind of strange food, plus she doesn't obsessed with blood.

on the contrary, terrans possess some attributes of vampire after consuming RIZ's blood(ie,longer life and dustinization after death), maybe there are some connections between RIZ and vampires.

the only weakness RIZ has is unprocessed raw milk(she might likes cheese tho),even coffee with milk.

from human's perspective of morality, RIZ should be defined as evil creature,her attitude toward sex is dominantly offensive because no one would ever against her will in night dimensiona, so she doesn't like to be turned down.
if any girl caught her eye, she will do everything by any means to have that girl.




[System Command[




Command Explanation
Throws X  
SAttack C or Y  
Absorb follower Z  
L.Attack A  
M.Attack B
Dash or dashican be used injump)
FLY MODE in air
Movement Recover (in down)or  
summon follower A+BorB+C (when all the fellowers exist)
Push Block in guarding rapidly pressing 2 or more buttons at the same time  


#automatic move/attack. village girls does not attack, but will recover LIFE when RIZ is in there.

#after absorbing followers, LIFE and POWER will increase and skills will be enhanced as well.

#absorbing 2 followers, strong attack and medium attack are able to cancel minor attack

#absorbing 4 followers, strong attack is able to cancel medium attack





Command Explanation
Skill1 w POWER100

Skill2 `  

Skill3 a  

Skill4 borx   

Skill5 Charge`   

Skill6 Chargea   

Skill7 Chargeborx   

Skill8 _AorBorC   

Skill9 AorBorC  

Skill10 (in air)AorBorC  

Skill11 near opponentX  

Skill12 AorBorC  

Skill13 Charge^AorBorC  

Skill14 (in Guard)y  

Skill15 A+B powerPOOO

Skill16 A+B powerPOOO

Skill17 ChargeA+B powerPOOO

Skill18 (in air)A+B powerQOOO

Skill19 A+B power3OOO

Skill20 near opponentX power3OOO




[Special Switch[


open Rizcmd.cnsAchange var(1) = 1 to var(1) = 0 in txt

open Rizcmd.cnsAchange var(12) = 0 to var(12) = 1 in txt
-language switch

open Rizcmd.cnsAchange var(14) = 0 to var(14) = 1 in txt



[Special THANKS[





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